I offer Person Centered Counselling as an option for all clients. This may be as part of a wider programme of change or as a standalone approach. Counselling is about providing a safe and confidential context in which you can reflect, explore, and understand your feelings and responses. By using active listening, empathy, validation and by allowing you to express your feelings in a non judgemental context the counselling process can help you mend and heal. The aim is to help you overcome aspects of your life that are causing you emotional pain or discomfort. I will be there to support and respect your views and to help find your own awareness and understanding of your problem.

Counselling is appropriate for a wide range of issues:

  • Weight Management and health issues
  • Relationship breakdown or bereavement
  • Work related stress or redundancy
  • Retirement adjustment
  • Feelings of depression or anxiety
  • Letting worry go and stopping intrusive thinking

Counselling is more effective when a commitment is made to a number of sessions over a period of time. It is sometimes the case that clients feel worse in some ways at the start but with the help and support I offer typically clients start to feel better and are able to move on.

CounsellingCounselling may be an approach we use on its own or may be part of the process of change used alongside other therapies.

If you would like to discuss this approach with me then please do contact me. A free, no obligation initial consultation can be arranged at any of my clinic locations.

I offer provide this treatment at Fairfield Independent Hospital, Knowsley Road Surgery, Ormskirk and at other clinics across the North West.