Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective in helping people make change be it around weight loss or in other aspects of their lives. As you will see from my home page I tend to use hypnotherapy as part of a programme of change complimented by other therapeutically approaches. This, in my professional experience is a more effective use of this particular therapy.

Styles of hypnotherapy vary. Most people have some awareness of the authoritarian style‚Ķ when I click my fingers you will… and the stuff of the stage. Let me reassure you I do not engage in this nonsense!

I am trained in a style called ‘Permissive Hypnotherapy’. Everything with your permission, understanding and awareness. An altered state of consciousness is what most clients experience. The clue is in the title – consciousness -you are relaxed, aware, and receptive to suggestion and ideas given to help you make change. Simple techniques such as ‘anchoring’ and ‘visualisation’ will help you make change.

Hypnotherapy is helpful across a range of issues:

  • Weight Loss and Weight Management
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Phobia release
  • Performance in work and in sport
  • Stopping intrusive thinking
  • Addressing addiction and harmful habits
  • Confidence and ego boosting
  • Positive thinking
  • and many more…

Each programme is unique and tailored to your requirements. I provide ongoing telephone and email support in between sessions. Every client should feel engaged and that they are on a ongoing programme of change.

HypnotherapyI have had great success with my clients – you can read their testimonials here…

Contact me if you would like to discuss your particular interest.

I offer Hypnotherapy at Fairfield Independent Hospital, Knowsley Road Surgery, Ormskirk and at other clinics across the North West: https://www.fairfield.org.uk/treatments/hypnotherapy/