Your potential to succeed in making the changes you wish to make is without question determined to a significant degree by the professional you choose to seek help from. My name is Russell Hoyles.

Russell HoylesI have over 32 years experience in the field of ‘talking therapies’ both withing the NHS and Social Care, and in Private Health Care. I have worked across a whole range of mental health, and wellbeing teams and have accrued skills in counseling, life coaching, hypnotherapy and in psychological approaches such as CBT and Mind Management. I pride myself on excellent client care and on working with the individual. My work is client led rather than service led.

My personal interests around sport and fitness, nutrition, motivation and wellbeing serve me well in my work. I practice what I preach so to speak.

Presently I have clinics across the North West in prestige locations including Fairfield Independent Hospital and Spire Fylde Coast Hospital Blackpool. Practice privileges (the invitation to work in these locations) are only granted after rigorous and extensive background checks, confirmation of professional qualifications and of ‘Continuing Professional Development’. See a summary of my CV below.

By choosing to contact me you are accessing a wealth of experience, a multiple of skills and therapies, and someone who will forge a positive and empowering rapport with you. My clients achieve wonderful success as is evidenced on my testimonials page.

An informal chat by phone or booking in for an initial consultation are options that allow you to decide if I am the person to help you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Russell Hoyles


Russell Hoyles CV Summary:

1980- 1982 Crewe and Alsager College of HE. Achieved 80%+ average marks on a Youth and Community Studies degree before opting to transfer to Preston Polytechnic into a CQSW / BA Applied Soc Studies Degree combined course

1982- 1984 Preston Polytechnic: Achieved a 2/1 degree in Applied Social Studies and CQSW

Professional Education/Post Grad Qualification:

1986 – 1987 Manchester Univ Dept Psychiatry: Approved Social Worker training and examination to approval.

1991 LCC in-house training for Transitional Accreditation as a Practice Teacher.

1992- 1994 UCL Preston: CCETSW Practice Teaching Award

Russell Hoyles  Career Path:

1984 – 1987 Preston East Social Work Team: Mental Health and Learning Disability

1987 – 1991 Whittingham Hospital Psychiatric Social Work Team. ASW

1991 – 2003 South Ribble Community Support Team and Community Mental Health Team. ASW with managerial responsibility.

Practice Teaching: Minimum 2 students per year from 1987 to 2003

2003 – April 2006 : Self Employed

2006 – 2009: AMHP (Approved Mental Health Practitioner) within the West Lancs Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team.

Jan 2009 – July 2011 AMHP within Preston Community Mental Health Team.

July 2009 – Sept 2011 : Locum EDT for Rochdale MBC

GSCC : Registered number 1122367 (renewed 2/2/09)

ASW : Re-Approved Sept 08

AMHP : LCC approved (Oct 2008 Valid until Oct 2012)

Accepted as a member of The Northern Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy. Oct 2009

AMHP : recognised AMHP assessor and practice teacher for Lancashire County Council and The University of Manchester. (Oct 2009)

Qualified and Approved as a F1 Assessor (Assessing applicants who wish to foster children) May 2012

Recognised ‘Allied Health Care Professional’ with Spire Healthcare Jan 2013

Registered Practitioner on the General Hypnotherapy Register. June 2015

Accredited Practitioner with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. (The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) June 2015

Registered with the Complementary and Natural Health Care Council June2015

Recognised ‘Allied Health Care Professional’ and practice privileges approved at Fairfield Independent Hospital, St Helens. Dec 2015

Practice Privileges approved by Harley St Clinics Ltd for ‘88 Rodney St’ Clinic Rooms Liverpool. Mar 2016

Practice Privileges approved by the cardiac charity ‘Heartbeat NW’ to offer counselling and life coaching to patients. March 2017.

See my Consultant Profile at Fairfield Independent Hospital: