The Hypno-Band Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Programme as I offer it is unique and has been life changing for many clients.

Hypnotherapy Weight LossYou can see from my home page and my testimonials clients who were considering surgery with all the risks entailed have achieve wonderful success simply by changing the way they think and behave around food.

So….What if you could have all the benefits of a surgical Gastric Band or another form of Bariatric Surgery, without the risks and cost?
By applying hypnotherapy techniques including the hypno-band that invite you to ‘think your stomach smaller’, and by working on your belief systems, the way you define yourself, and by looking at practical life changes you can make with ease you can make change.

By using the Hypno-Band hypnotherapy we create can a state of mind where you live to a new reality… that your stomach is smaller. You will listen to the hormone signals your body sends that lead you to feel full… You will eat smaller portions in a mindful, conscious manner and be satisfied with less food. I listen to you, understand you, and work in a way that makes sense and is therefore logical, accepted by you, and works for you.

How does the Hypnotherapy Weight Loss programme work?

Over five sessions and with support in between I take you through a process of changing the way you think and behave around food. I help you to change how you see yourself and what you believe you can achieve. By using hypnotherapy techniques like suggestion and visualisation your mind can learn to accept that your stomach has become smaller and that you need less food. As a consequence you lose weight. Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Counselling and Mind Management will be explained in the initial consultation and you will see each complements the other to help me change. Every session lasts for an hour and will usually include hypnotherapy alongside the other approaches.

Questions about Hypnotherapy Weight Loss?

It’s likely you will have questions. Call or write to me. The essential message is that because the programme I offer is tailored to you, your needs and goals then you can expect success. So if you are looking to lose a small amount of weight and get fitter and leaner… or if you are struggling with yo yo dieting and wish to break the cycle… or if you are morbidly obese and considering surgery… or whatever circumstance you find yourself in we can work together to help you make lasting positive change.

I offer the The Hypnotic-Gastric Band at Fairfield Independent Hospital and at other clinics across the North West:

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