Life Coaching can help across a range of issues and I offer this approach in many of the programmes my clients take up.

The aim of coaching is to help and empower others to make, achieve and even succeed beyond personal and professional goals. This can include excelling in the workplace, becoming happy and fulfilled at home, losing weight and getting healthy, ceasing harmful habits and addictions, and exploring your potential and achieving ambitions.

By applying techniques based on core psychological principles and on intuition, a life coaching approach can provide you with the tools to confidently address difficult situations and navigate past emotional barriers.

I will never try to be an ‘agony aunt’ or to tell you what to do. Life coaching is about objectivity, structure and empowerment, not instruction or indoctrination.

At the heart of it all lies the idea that you must be given the power to help yourself. Offering opinions, judgements, and being too directive would undermine some of the basic principles behind life coaching, which include:

A) Subjectivity: we hold different perspectives of the world – perspectives are not typically ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, but some are restrictive and can stop you becoming who you want to be.

B) Empowerment: everyone is capable of adjust the limits of their own perspective and making change. With the help of life coaching, you can learn to open your mind if you wish.

C) Guidance: ‘instructor’ and ‘guide’ are different concepts. An instructor shows a person exactly what to do, whereas a guide provides the tools and support a person needs to do something for themselves. This is the essence of all my work. Life coach is about guiding.

Life CoachingIf you would like to know more and to discuss this approach to working with you whatever the issues you wish to address are then contact me.

I offer Life Coaching at Fairfield Independent Hospital, Knowsley Road Surgery, Ormskirk and at other clinics across the North West.